massoc's activity

massoc represents a planning agency for building engineering, featuring the range from architectural design, structural as well as technical integration to consultancy and supervision during execution.
massoc constitutes an association of skilled engineers and designers, experienced in a number of diversified projects, inland and overseas. Our team forms up according to the specific request.
We are looking forward to discuss a possible cooperation or the required scope of services!


massoc's focus

Quality - High-grade structures in terms of shape, functionality and workmanship are future-proof and worth the money. Value architectural design in this sense can only be made by solutions being self-evident and independent from fading fashions. This is what we strive for in any case.

Reliability - Building activity usually means to create a customized single copy. The result has to fit accordingly and it has to be achieved reliably, even considering the essential cost and time certainty. This is what we give our best attention to.

Dialogue - Planning always implies to support and to guide the exchange between all contributing parties. Herewith we succeed with objectivity and respect - in any project and transculturally.